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Let us help you make your dreams a reality.


We can help implement a whole cinema experience inside your own home. Incorporating bespoke design and configuration making it a truly immersive experience complete with Dolby Atmos surround sound.  For smaller setups we can help implement media rooms that can provide unparallel sound quality whilst allowing the room to be multi-functional.

Most of our projects include some form of the lighting, given that this is one of the main points of focus in our homes. We work with leading suppliers to ensure you have a wide range of options available to cover all your possible requirements both internal and external. We are able to work with leading lighting designers to ensure that the visual impact of each lighting scene matches its function whilst providing a dynamic solution using modern fixtures.

Security is always at the fore of our clients minds and we help them provide a comprehensive yet simple way of implementing and controlling the systems we provide, be it a security light to a full CCTV or alarm system.

BitCloud can carry out a security assessment and provide you with the assurance you need that you have all aspects covered with your new system from access control to intrusion detection.

Network Hub and Cable
Man Trying App

Whether you like having ambient music throughout the house, or want a dedicated party zone, anything is possible. We can provide a solution that will fit with your requirements be it a music server through to just wanting to stream your favourite music service or Sky Q throughout your home.

When looking into automation its worth looking at the overall architecture that will be used to service all the components within the design. The network, be it wired or wireless will be the backbone of any home automation system and we work with the client to ensure they have a robust, secure and reliable structure implemented.

Home automation control requires a seamless integration of all components that make up the system. A home automation control system provides a simple app based mechanism that ensure the client is able to have the flexibility to control all elements in a simple yet effective manner, without the need to app jump from one to another.

We are able to integrate key aspects such as heating/cooling, lighting, A/V, security and curtain/blind automation into the systems we implement.  

Make your home work for you. 

Call or email us today to discuss your project.

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